Clockwork Mansion Forum FAQs

Q: Do I have to register with this forum to read the various topics?

A: No. In fact, unless you feel like you're going to post at some point in a topic, eventually, there's little point in registering an account just to read the forum. There are sections you won't even be able to see until you have a certain number of posts, so having a "0" post account is almost entirely useless.

Q: Is this board "all inclusive"?

A: When people ask this, we assume they mean "do we purposefully try to chase people off" or "is the forum open to divergent topics and viewpoints".

In all matters, long as what you want to discuss is legal and doesn't violate any of the rules of the forum, then we welcome you as a member.

Q: Is this board a part of any particular site?

A: Yes. It's a forum for a few different webcomics (CVRPG and DMFA being two of the more popular ones), as well as the web site "The Inverted Castlevania Dungeon".

Q: Can I...

A: If it's against the rules (and you should have read the rules before you started) then no. If you didn't read the rules, you better go do that now, otherwise you'll do something stupid, and then we'll have to work. We don't like working, so forcing us to do work makes us surly. This gets your argument off on the wrong foot before you even start.

Q: How strict are the administrators about enforcing the rules?

A: Strict.

Q: Yes, but... how strict?

A: If you break a rule, the admins will remind you of what you did wrong. If you deliberately break a rule, the admins will warn you. If you do it again, you will be banned. Bans start at one day, and go up from there (for repeat offenses) to one week, one month, and then a permanent ban. If your offense is bad enough, some of those steps may be skipped.

Q: Is there any way to lodge a complaint over a warning/ban?

A: You can try. There is, however, no guarantee the admins will do more than say (to the other admins) "such and such person complained about their warning/ban", and then leave it at that. The admins do not have to act on any complaint made beyond simply noting there was a complaint.

Q: How do I get a warning or ban removed, then?

A: You don't. If the admins have agreed a warning or ban was warranted, then the warning or ban will stand. You will have to move on once the ban has naturally expired. Over time, the admins may revisit their list of warned and banned people (yes, they keep a list), and they may decide to lower past warning/ban levels due to good behavior.

Q: On the off chance that I'm permanently banned from the forum (for rules violations), is there ever a chance I can come back?

A: If you were banned, it's unlikely. That said, after a period of time, you can request the admins review the matter, and they may decide to let you back in. It's their call, and they are under no obligation to do so.

Q: Are the admins jerks?

A: They would say yes, but then they relish their bad reputation and awesome powers. The admins are, actually, quite fair and will usually discuss everything amongst themselves before taking any serious action.

Q: What if I want to have some say in matters of the board?

A: Sadly, unless for some reason an admin decides to leave the forum (unlikely), and the rest of the admins decided to promote you (even more unlikely), then you really won't be able to have any say in matters of the forum.

To be quite blunt, you are a forum member, and the whole of your experience is the ability to post at the forum. Your ability to post is a privilege, not a right. The admins are the first, last, and only people that have any say in the forum. This isn't a democracy, it's a dictatorial republic, one where the tyrants promote from within and keep all their votes private.

Q: Let's say, though, that one of the admins broke a rule. What should I do?

A: Report it to a different admin and then leave it alone. The admins will handle it (or not, if they feel the matter wasn't really that bad).

Q: Who are the admins?

A: The Administation consists of Amber Williams, Darkmoon, llearch, Mao Laoren, Sprocketsdance, and Tapewolf.

Q: I read the rules. What if I have a question about any of the rules?

A: You can post about it in "The Villa", or PM one of the admins.

Q: So I heard there was another forum long ago, and that-

A: We don't discuss that. There's a rule clearly saying "no forum issues/politics from other forums".

Q: I read that new topics have to be posted in their appropriate sections. What happens if I post in the wrong area?

A: The admins will move the topic.

Q: Will I get a warning/ban for it?

A: Only if you do it repeatedly, even after the admins have reminded you not to. Then it's considered spamming.

Q: The comic forums have rather detailed titles. What happens if I title a comic thread wrong?

A: The admins will (eventually) change it. Then they will remind you of what you did wrong. Again, if you repeatedly do it, it will be considered spam.

Reprinted here, from the Rules page, is the way to title comic threads:

When posting a new thread, your title MUST conform to this layout:

  • Date [Comic Abbrv. Comic Number] - Optional Interesting or Funny Title.

As an example:

  • 01/01/01 [CVRPG #100] - Beware Your Fuzzy Doom!

Although not following this is not a major offense, if TWO threads about the some particular comic are posted, and one of them does not follow this format, that will be the one sent to the Abandoned Mine (our repository for all the spam and crap posts).

As a note, comics that do not have more than one comic type on their site (such as DMFA having both DMFA and Abel's Story, or CVRPG having both CVRPG, DSWC, and all it's numerous bonus arcs) do not need the comic abbreviation... at least, not until such time as they do have more than one comic on their site.

Q: What about the Tower of Art and it's threads?

A: Same deal. Here's the rules for that again:

When you make an art thread, firstly you must tag it as to what it is. This means putting AT THE FRONT OF THE TITLE such things as [Art] or [Story] or, if it's multiple things at once, [Story, Flash], etc.

If you're making a regularly updated repository of your work, as many of the artists here do, please also put your name at the start of the thread, so that it looks something like:

  • [Art] Darkmoon
  • [Story] Darkmoon

Additionally, when you update, it would be nice if you tag the thread that you've updated it. You can also put a cute title if you like. Such a scenario would look like this:

  • [Art] Darkmoon: Land of Misery (12/10/07)

You can be creative with the titles, and use a little leeway in your tagging, but please be clear and concise.

You MUST put (as necessary) "NSFW", "WARNING - NUDITY", "WARNING", "NUDITY WARNING", etc, etc in the thread title, in all-caps or you will be warned. Artwork with a sexual nature may also be posted, but only as a form of art. DO NOT POST pornography for the sake of "HAY GUYS IT'S PR0N!" Extremely graphic images and child pornography will not be allowed, just like any other thread. And we mean this on the child porn. Posting child porn will result in an immediate ban.

However, if forum members have concerns as to the graphic-ness of an image, they should notify the administrators through Private Message. Do not leave every mess up to us to find and clean up. We need help sometimes.

Please Note: If you have a thread, say for art, but you want to post something different, say writings, you do NOT need to make a new thread. Simply retitle your main thread to take into account this new material, and add the new material on as you would with any other new art.

Q: What can I change about my account?

A: You can change:

  • Display Name: While you will still need to log in with your old name, you can make it so everyone sees your new name. Example: if I change my display name to, say, Kulnaar the Destroyer... I would log in still as Darkmoon, but everyone would see Kulnaar the Destroyer. If people abuse this, though, it will go away. The feature is found in "account related settings".
    • By 'abuse', we mean deliberately changing it to make people think you're a new poster, or that you're someone that you are not (ie, simulating someone else's account). Merely changing your name a lot is not abuse, although it is a little silly, since how are you to be recognised if you look different all the time?
  • Custom Title: Shows up with your posting rank underneath your name. The rank, however, you're stuck with. Do not confuse Custom Title and Personal Text, though (found in "forum profile information").
  • Avatar and Personal Text: This shows up farther down (personal text is underneath the avatar, and can be found in "forum profile information"). Please note that they are limited to 175x175, or they will not work.
  • Sig, Gender, etc.: Have fun. Hopefully it's self-explanatory (found in "forum profile information"). Sigs are limited to 500x250.
  • Board Themes: The lovely color schemes. It's small and hard to miss (it's the first option on the "look and layout preferences").
  • Quick Reply, Avatar and Sig, View Options: Found in Look and layout preferences. Have fun customizing!
  • Resizing Images: Avatars must be 175 px x 175 px or less. Signatures must be 500 px x 250 px or less. If they aren't that size, they will not work.
    • Helpful information from Tytaj: If you haven't got a good program for resizing there is a good online utility: Photopea.